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High School Parent Newsletters

Alcohol Curbside/Home Delivery & Teens

New alcohol sales laws and enforcement challenges in Covid-19 require vigilance for parents of teens. Young drivers should be accompanied by an adult for grocery pickup and carryout orders with alcohol. Likewise, parents should monitor all doorstep deliveries. Included in this issue is the NEW 2021 Guidelines for Parties and the Laws, essential for keeping your adolescent healthy and safe.

Medication Misuse Prevention

On the 2018 Illinois Youth Survey, 98% of our local teens said they had not used a prescription not prescribed to them (past 30-day use rate). Learn about preventing Rx prescription and over-the-counter medication misuse by teens. Two simple strategies help keep things safe!

Marijuana Prevention

Raising substance-free kids in an era of legalization is one of the biggest challenges of parenting today. Fortunately, parents are the top influencers in their child’s life. Staying plugged-in to the things happening in their lives keeps them talking. Get valuable conversation tips and other insights on preventing teen marijuana use in this newsletter.

New Flavored Disposable Vaping Devices?

The next generation of highly addictive vaping devices popular with youth are inexpensive flavored disposables. Learn how to talk with teens about the risks of use. Also, if and when parents determine how to gather safely, they will want to know their responsibilities in monitoring teen get togethers on their property. Be aware that some laws have changed around marijuana. Read about the new laws, curfew, driving rules, and more, in the revised Guidelines for Hosting Parties and the Laws 2020.

Parenting During a Pandemic

Parenting during a pandemic requires resilience for trying times. This newsletter contains tips on how to hunker down healthy during the novel coronvirus-2019 outbreak. Resources shared by local educators and social workers are provided.

Parenting for Rx Misuse Prevention

This month’s newsletter includes important tips for parents on how to talk with their teens about prescription drug misuse and prevention. Also learn the upcoming Operation Snowball Retreat weekend information dates and high school contacts.

Marijuana and Parenting

Changes to Illinois law on recreational marijuana require parents to get informed. The Power of Choice provides 5 facts about the new law that parents and teens should know. Learn the driving and social hosting laws, as well as marijuana’s impact on the developing adolescent brain.

Tips for Safe Parties and A Vape-Free Summer

NEW! The Healthy Summer issue includes the new Guidelines for Parties and the Law 2019, which has state laws and local ordinances parents need to know to prevent underage use of prohibited substances, and the regulations on curfew, and rules for young drivers. Also, tips for a vape-free summer shares facts on e-cigarettes, vaping prevention, and resources for helping teens and adults quit.

Real Life Parenting: Exploring the Myths About The Reality of Raising Teens

Sometimes parents feel pressure to fit in and compare themselves with other parents on several levels. This can include economic status, a child’s academic achievements, activities or even rules about parties and curfew. The list can be long. Ready to replace the “perfect” parent myth with real life parenting? Read this issue of The Parent Post, high school edition, to brush up on ideas if facing peer pressure from other parents or if you are experiencing backlash from your teen regarding parental expectations.

Empowering Your Teen Through Your Actions: The Role Model Update

Curious about family history of substance abuse disorders and risk to your teen? The Parent Post, high school edition, covers genetic resiliency, and how modeling behaviors regarding alcohol—and more—support and inspire teens to continue making healthy decisions.

Electronic Cigarette/ Vaping Update

Using electronic cigarettes is a risk most teens are not taking. The Power of Choice, and state and federal public health agencies are bringing resources to parents of teens about e-cigarette use. Find out the the health impact, important FDA news, and tips to recognize vaping.

Parenting Wise Teens

The risk of using an addictive substance drops for teens whose parents talk with them about not using alcohol and other drugs. The 2018 Illinois Youth Survey found fewer local teens are drinking than ever. Find out 3 surprising reasons fewer teens are turning to alcohol.