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Barbara T. "Barb" Juckins

February 15, 1941 – April 8, 2020


Barb is an important part of who we are and what we are becoming at 360 Youth Services. Since 2004 until recently, Barb shared her talents and leadership as a valued member of the Board of Directors and then Advisory Council of 360 Youth Services. Barb and Skip’s support for 360 Youth Services spans many years and is truly part of her and their shared legacy. She chaired and co-chaired our incredible annual fundraiser multiple times. Barb always enthusiastically supported, and actively worked to make agency goals and projects for youth blossom.

We cherish our memories of Barb, our time together, as we know you do as well. We hold her in our hearts forever as a bright light and a uniquely beautiful soul. We are grateful and enriched by Barb’s choice to give of her time, talents, and treasure to support the youth of our community through our work together at 360 Youth Services.

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Messages from 360 Staff

Barb was a person who lit up any room she entered.  At any 360 Youth Services event, she made sure to greet people with this vibrant energy that made you know she was delighted to see you.  Barb’s smile and genuineness always lifted my spirits.  It has been a few years that I have been able to interact with Barb but I still remember the feeling of being around her in such a vivid way.  I am grateful that I was given the opportunity to be impacted by Barb and for the very big impact she had on 360 Youth Services.

Margot Smith
360 Youth Services

I knew Barb when I worked at the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce in the early 2000’s and then had the pleasure of reconnecting with her while she served on our Board at 360 Youth Services. She was always so warm and friendly. She and her husband Skip were a wonderful team, always accompanying each other to every Chamber and community event, and serving 360 Youth Services through their volunteer efforts and fundraising. Barb was known for the flower in her hair and a smile on her face. She had a huge heart and put it to use by serving people in need in her community, with a special focus on our youth. She also loved to share stories about her granddaughter and would light up talking about how much she cherished being a Grandmother. Our community is so much brighter thanks to her contributions and service. I will miss her energy and vibrancy. My best wishes to her partner Skip, who was always lovingly at her side any time I saw them. Sending her family and friends love and peace during such a difficult time.

Christina Melville
360 Youth Services

Barb Juckins was one of a kind! I loved how she joyfully shared that after a certain age, on her birthdays, she decided she would get one year younger each year.  What a great spirit – authentically charming and encouraging – always bringing new life to all situations. She made a true and lasting difference for our youth, programs, and staff.  During challenging times in our history, Barb became even more active to enable programs to be maintained and then continue to grow. Such a kindred spirit, a blessing to me, and an beautiful woman.

Karen Jarczyk
360 Youth Services

I remember at the beginning of my career meeting Barb and her husband Skip. They seemed genuinely excited to have me join staff, and I was so touched they took the time to welcome me. As time passed, I learned of their passion, commitment, and excitement for the entire well-being of our 360 organization. They exemplify the heart and dedication that has led to our growth and success. Barb’s smile and support will be missed dearly.

Kate Moon Raess
360 Youth Services

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