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360 Youth Services is dedicated to helping youth make healthy choices and preventing youth substance use. Through highly recognized programs and initiatives – The Power of Choice, Youth Prevention Education, Naperville Operation Snowball, and Community Alliance for Prevention – 360 uses a variety of proven prevention strategies to best serve our mission and community in order to reduce youth substance use. 360 is funded by local, state and federal grantors to provide best practice substance use prevention for students and their parents in the geographic boundaries of the 203 & 204 school districts. These programs are supported through valuable partnerships with Naperville Community School District 203, Indian Prairie School District 204 and community partners.

Operation Snowball Power of Choice Youth Prevention Education Community Alliance for Prevention

Naperville Chapter

Operation Snowball

Operation Snowball (Naperville Team) is fondly referred to as “Snowball”. It is a fun, engaging and popular youth leadership development program. 360 Youth Services partners with Districts 203 & 204 to coordinate this teen-led and adult-supported program for area high school students.

Prevention Campaign

The Power of Choice

360 Youth Services coordinates this highly effective and proven drug and alcohol use prevention campaign for students in school districts 203 & 204 and their parents. The Power of Choice initiative focuses on correcting misperceptions about the prevalence of substance use and emphasizes that most students are making healthy choices regarding tobacco, alcohol and drugs. It utilizes classroom presentations, posters, journals located in school bathroom stalls, and many types of media and communication tools.

Too Good for Drugs

Youth Prevention Education

360 Youth Services implements the Too Good For Drugs (TGFD) evidence-based drug education curriculum. TGFD is a school-based program designed to reduce students’ intention to use alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, while promoting prosocial attitudes, skills, and behaviors. The program seeks to build the self-confidence of students so they are better able to make healthy choices and achieve success. TGFD specifically emphasizes five social and emotional learning skills that have been shown to promote healthy development and academic success.

Strengthen Our Community

Community Alliance for Prevention

The Community Alliance for Prevention was founded by 360 Youth Services in October 2013 to strengthen our community in order to prevent and reduce youth substance use. The Alliance was developed to encourage the local community to organize for youth substance use prevention. The vision of the Alliance is our community proactively working together, using best-practice substance abuse strategies, to promote community-level change that impacts our youth. Our community includes all those living and doing business within the geographic boundaries of 203 & 204 school districts.