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What Happens at a Snowball Retreat?

Operation Snowball is an overnight retreat designed to foster connections within the teen community. Our weekend program features large group presentations, workshops, and small group discussions, all planned by teen directors and teen staff who understand the challenges facing teens today with guidance from caring adults.

It is an opportunity to engage with others and gain new perspectives on the issues that matter most to teenagers. Every activity is designed to strengthen the inner self and increase self-awareness to expand perspectives on life.

How Will Students Use What They Learned in Snowball in Their Lives?

“The self-assurance I acquired at Snowball and the healthy plan I chose, were put to the test in college, and even more when I joined a fraternity. However, the Snowball experiences taught me to step back before I acted, and to have confidence in myself to make smart decisions in spite of ribbing.”  A former Snowball participant

“Personally, I am certain my relationship with my wife is stronger because of the social and communications skills I learned in Snowball.  Professionally, as a school counselor, Snowball is at the root of everything I do.” Past Snowball participant and leader

Who attends Snowball?

Snowball is for all high school students in Districts 203 and 204 who would enjoy having fun while making friends in a positive, affirming environment where teens are able to talk with each other about issues important to them.

How do Families get involved?

Families are an important part of the lives of our Snowball participants and as such parents will receive a packet of information regarding the event and ways to connect with their teens.

Families are an important part of the lives of our Snowball participants and as such parents, other family members and friends are included in a very special day – Family Day. During Family Day, family members learn about Snowball and the unique experiences it offers to all involved. Learn what to expect during Family Day.

Snowball is a great place to:

  • Make new friends
  • Play games, jump rope, be on stage, and be heard
  • Participate in small group experiences
  • Discover something about yourself
  • Learn about things teens have in common, as well as all the ways that you are unique
  • Learn about ways you can impact other teens and younger students