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Reframing Productivity

By: Christina Graffagna, BS, Clinical Intern Therapist at 360 Youth Services

Among the slew of COVID-19 posts you have seen in the past few weeks, you may have noticed one theme that keeps popping up: productivity. Maybe you’ve seen lists of great works of literature that were written in quarantine or calls to maximize this time as a unique opportunity to develop new skills.

You don’t have to write a novel. You don’t have to reorganize your pantry. You don’t have to create elaborate homeschooling plans or fill your family’s days with educational, stimulating, creative activity.

If this extra time at home has opened you up to accomplish goals, honor that energy and motivation.

But if that isn’t the case… It’s okay to just be.

It’s okay to use this time to slow down and take care of yourself.

The state of the world alone can feel overwhelming. Release any added pressure you may feel to be your most productive self in the face of a pandemic. Produce empathy, joy, peace, safety, love. Produce whatever you need to get yourself to tomorrow.

Meet your needs in the way that feels good to you. Whether that means curling up on the couch in your favorite sweatpants and watching a movie, or writing the next New York Times bestseller, honor your mind and your body in whatever way you need.

Practice self-compassion and know that the number one item on your to do list (and maybe the only item) is to care for yourself.

360 Youth Services in Naperville, IL provides substance use prevention education and counseling for youth and families, as well as housing for youth experiencing homelessness.

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